Wanted: follower

We are seeking followers who are willing to give up their lives for the sake of another by exemplifying the way of Christ.

The Requirements:

  • Hours will be 168 per week.
  • Pay is zero.
  • No experience required, but toughness and resiliency helpful.
  • No retirement provided in this life, but unlimited benefits in the next.
  • Working conditions are not the best. There are hassles, discrimination, put-downs, and even persecutions.
  • In this job, it’s mostly give and no take.
  • There are few breaks, no vacations, no sick leave, no material bonuses, few, if any, compliments, and only one promotion which comes at the end of your life.

Additional Requirements:

Applicants must be willing to sacrifice, study long, pray hard, labor unceasingly, and must be willing to be called a “fool” for Christ’s sake. The job is not easy. You will often work alone, but you’ll never be alone. People in this line of work are in a minority.

Applicants must be willing to share their testimony in crowds that are both sympathetic and antagonistic, both understanding and prejudiced.

Applicants must realize that identification with our organization makes them unpopular with the majority.

Applicants must be prepared to live any place on earth.

All applicants are required to understand before they sign up that they must relinquish all rights, legal or otherwise to all personal property such as cars, houses, real estate, money, recreational vehicles, stocks, IRA accounts, in fact EVERYTHING.

Applicants are urged to consider strongly their decision to come on board since our policy is that there is no getting out once in! Our policy is clear, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the Kingdom of God.” Though this position is hazardous, there are great rewards and satisfaction to the work. We believe that “in due season we shall reap if we don’t faint.”

Those interested may apply at the foot of the cross. There is no legal age limitation and whosoever will may come.

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