the tail of a shrew

a shrew on the loose

The shrew on the loose finally got the noose.

It has been raging battling the past month or more with a shrew on the loose in our house. I plugged every hole I could find with steel wool and set a half-dozen traps in key positions around the house. Nothing. Only 2 escaped traps and a shrew that comes out of hiding any time it pleases, staring us in the face and laughing.

This shrew really tested my patience. This time of year I am use to shrews coming in the house, but have found them easy to trap. However, this guy was a Houdini.

Sarah had a great plan, “How about praying that we catch it?” I wish I would have though of that myself. It wasn’t more than a few hours later that at quarter past three in the morning we caught him. He was under our bed. I quickly got up and disposed of him in the most humanitarian way I could after weeks of annoying varmint-teasing.

I have learned a lot about shrew these past few years. They do eat all the bugs in your house. They cannot climb like mice because they are diggers. The have beady eyes, but a keen sense of smell and hearing. Some people make them pets. For me, as long as they stay outside they are just fine.

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