a lazy boy

red lazy boy

It is easy to find ourselves in the “comfort zone” [do do do do…do do do do… // insert Twilight Zone music here]. Most people do not want to be uncomfortable. If given a choice they would choose comfort over discomfort. When it comes to comfort the one thing that illustrates comfort the best is—the La-Z-Boy. La-Z-Boy is synonymous with comfort. The inventor of this chair was a genius. You just sit down and its cushiness swallows you up.

We live in a world that embraces comfort like a god. We go to the spa and treat ourselves to a massage, facial or pedicure. We like to veg on the couch, munch on chips, X-box our socks off, and binge on relaxation. We love comfortable shoes, comfy clothes, furniture, car and more. We pad our selves with friends and people that will bring us comfort. We desire to go to college or have a lofty career so that in the future we will be financial comfortable.

Do you realize that God got uncomfortable for you and me? He sent His Son Jesus Christ to live a very uncomfortable life on earth, to die an uncomfortable death, to conquer death and rise again so that we might live forever with Him in comfort. I don’t think Jesus spent His life on earth looking for a La-Z-Boy…

1. Jesus challenges us to follow Him, which might be uncomfortable for some. Mark 1:17 “Guys. Follow Me and I will make you…” These guys were everyday normal guys. They had jobs, families, friends and lives. They might have thought that if we follow Jesus He will make our life better, richer, famous, or more comfortable. He said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” These guys were fishing for fish. Why would they need to fish for men? What He was saying is if you follow me I will show you what life is all about. “Get out of your boat, follow Me, and get comfortably uncomfortable fishing for the lives of other people.”

Jesus says that if you follow Him it will be uncomfortable at times by saying some uncomfortable things, “I am sending you out like sheep among the wolves” (Mt.10:16) and “Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Mt.28:19) He wasn’t saying, “Go sit in your comfy chair and wait for Me.” We will all choose a the comfort that matters: some a life of eternal comfort (heaven), others eternal discomfort (hell) [note: dot on paper representing a fraction of eternity]. It is all about choosing Jesus.

2. Jesus says you are not really following, if you are not fishing. When you sign up to follow Christ it is a lifetime commitment to fish for Christ [like when you say “I DO” at the marriage ceremony]. In Luke 9:57-62, we see that Jesus is all about committed followers. He shows us how we must count the cost ahead of time (vs.57-58), pay the price during hardship (vs.59-60), and finish the course to the end (vs.61-62)

3. Jesus knows that being fishers of men is not natural to most followers. That’s why He sends His Holy Spirit to supernaturally help us. Once you have been changed by the power of God, you cannot help but tell others about it. When the Packers won the Super Bowl over a decade ago, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I didn’t stay on my La-Z-Boy after the game. I got up and got the good news out there!!

4. God has strategically placed you as fishers of men. Not everyone will respond with excitement like you do as you share the good news, but Jesus says spread the seed (Mt.13:3-8, note the 4 soils: some reject, some listen and forget, some accept). Sow wherever you are. Don’t follow the way of many Christians who get sucked into the subculture of comfort. I would rather trade a life of temporary discomfort for Christ than an eternity of discomfort without Him. Don’t be a LAZYBOY.

What if I got uncomfortable at school? Home? Work? What if I lived like Jesus? What if I lived for eternal comfort and temporary discomfort? Remember, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to live a very uncomfortable life on earth, to die an uncomfortable death, to conquer death and rise again so that we might live forever with Him in eternal comfort.


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