can you enjoy God?


I don’t know where I learned it, but early in my faith I believed that having a relationship with God was a lot of hardwork and little play. Or better said, the Christian life was about duty, not delight. I am sure I was not taught this but it was something that I believed over time. My idea of God was that He was to be served, feared and revered. The view of God made Him seem so distant and impersonal. Christianity quickly became exhausting, boring and unattractive to me.
Yes, God should be worshipped, feared, and revered. But can He be enjoyed? Why does the idea of enjoying God seem strange or sacreligious?
A few hundred years ago men who loved God wrote down in the historical document entitled the Westminster Confession, The chief end of man is to glorify God BY enjoying Him forever.”
John Piper echoed this by stating, “God is most glorified (worshiped, praised, etc.) when we are satisfied in Him.”
These quotes were revolutionary to me. They relieved me of years of living for God out of duty rather than delight. I was a slave to living for Him because “I had to” rather than “I love to.” 
I believe we can enjoy God and here are some reasons why… 

5 Reasons why we should enjoy God
1. God COMMANDS us to pursue joy in Him.
Psalm 100:1-2
According to these verses, would it be disobedient to serve God without joy?
Philippians 4:4
Is this a command? Yes.
Are you obeying it?
2. The nature of FAITH teaches us to pursue joy in God.
Hebrews 11:6
How does this verse describe faith? “believing in things that are impossible”
Is God pleased when we seek a reward I Him? Yes.
3. The nature of EVIL teaches us to pursue joy in God.
Jeremiah 2:9-13
Based on these verses how would you define evil? 1. Forsaking God. 2. Pursuing joy by living for myself.
4. The nature of my SALVATION teaches us to pursue joy in God.
Matthew 13:44
Why would the man in this parable sell all that he has in order to buy the field? He knows it is a worthy investment.
How could be joyful if he sells all that He has? He is gaining more by buying the field.
Why would Jesus tell this story? Treasure = Jesus Christ / selling = surrender
5. The nature of HUMILITY teaches us to pursue joy in God.
Mk.8:34 & John 8:24
In conclusion, I want to share a story that I heard recently about a small boy who when walking down the street one day found a bright copper penny. He was so excited he found money and it didn’t cost him anything. This experience led him to spend the rest of his days walking with his head down, eyes wide ope, looking for wealth.
During his life time he found 1,296,000,000 pennies, 480 nickels, 1,900 dimes, 16,000 quarters, 200 half dollars and thousands of crinkled dollar bills [Estimate: $13million]. He accumulated quite a bank account in his lifetime. He prided himself in the fact that he spent his life getting his fortune from nothing.
Yes, the boy, now an old man, spent his life collecting money for nothing. Except that in his lifetime he missed the breathless beauty of 31,369 sunsets, the colorful spleandor of 157 rainbows, the fiery beauty of hundreds of maples nipped by the autumn frost. He never saw the thousands of white clouds drifting across the blue skies, shifting into various wonderous formations. Birds flying, the sun shining, and the smiles of hundred of thousands of people that passed him through his life. All of this is not a part of his memory. Nor did the man-bo have any time to build a successful family or a circle of true friends. No one cried for him when he passed on; in fact, many were glad to see the hunchback with a hunk of cash leave this world.
Enjoying God is what a life of worship and walk with god is all about. Stop settling for the unsatisfying duty of finding pennies, but reach out for the wad of joy that comes from enjoying God.


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