Oh, go milk a cow!!!

Don’t you hate it when people think out loud. Like we want to hear their idiotic jargon. I was enjoying the Wisconsin-Purdue game on Saturday with my family. A perfect day for football. Of course, the Badgers were giving the Boilermakers a royal spanking. However, there was this guy behind us belching boyish comments. Every time WI would score, which was a lot, he would yell silly comments like…

“Oh, go milk a cow”
“Why do you go make some cheese”
“Wisconsin, isn’t that where Jeffrey Damer is from?”
“How about them Packers this year?”
Needless to say, he received the silent treatment. Why start a verbal fight that wouldn’t get anywhere, but hot-headed? So now everytime someone gets on my nerves, in the memory of Captain Crazy-Mouth, I tell my foes to “milk a cow”!!!
This event reminded me of the Christian life. As Christians we wear our Red-Crimson (like Badger) colored clothing stained with the blood of Christ, which leads to ridicule by the Black-as-sin enemy crowd. All the while we come out on top as the winners in real life. Like that rationalization?


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