Where did the summer go?

I miss the days of being in school and having the entire summer off. Those days are now long gone. However, the bonus of being a youth director is that you get too hang with teens and plan fun activities for the summer, but it still is work and ministry.
This summer was gone in a flash. I was home maybe 3 weeks of the summer. After 3 VBS’s, 2 outreach trips, 1 week of hot camping, and 1 lucious vacation…the summer is officially over.
I learned a few things this summer:
1. Never book your summer solid. Enjoy some of the heat and relax.
2. Summer is a great time to get the teens involved in doing ministry. They were stretched and did an awesome job.
3. Summer is the shortest season of the year.
The innercity Chicago trip last week was a blast. This small group did BIG things. I am so proud of them. They are becoming pro’s at doing VBS’s. We spent the week with our friends Pink and Selena. We were literally the minorities. By the end of the week we had a crowd of routy kids and expereinced real life in the big city.
One of my favorite experiences was visiting the Pacific Garden Mission. We facilitated the noon day service to about 200 homeless men from all walks of life. Many were drug abusers, rapests, murderers, and more. Some listened to our music and message, but other slept right through it. What a unique privelage it was to stand on the platform and minister to these men. And be in a place that many greats of the faith like DL Moddy and Billy Sunday once stood and preached.
Now its back to school and the routine kicks into gear. If only summer were a few weeks longer.


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