it was all new to me

Who would have thought that this kid would have ever amounted to anything? He grew up in the “normal dysfunctional American home”. Lived with his grandparents while his mother work two jobs to financially support him. In his elementary years he was forced into a special classroom for students with attention deficits, and after school he would see a local psychologist because of his anger problems. This kid was mentally and spiritually messed up.


The only spirituality he knew of was growing up in the Roman Catholic Church his family had always attended. He was baptized as a baby, had his first communion and going through the motions of ritualistic worship week after week. He knew what to expect. And even with all this problems he thought to himself, “I’m okay.”


Until…his mother met a new man. He was unlike the other boyfriends she brought home. Mike was his name and he was a Christian. Mike’s church background was Charismatic, but like the boys mother was very unsatisfied with his church. Together after getting married they made a move to a smaller community north of Milwaukee, WI. This new family of three started a new life in their new surroundings. They visited a new church that would meet their spiritual needs, an independant-funamental-Bible-preaching-church. This certainly was a new thing for this boy, but he liked it. They opened the Bible and the people stayed to talk after church was over!


He soon made new friends at his school and church. He was opted out of needed special help because of so-called problems. His future was looking a little brighter. However, in Junior High School he made a few friends that became a negative influence on him. Again, his problems got him into trouble.


As his family continued to go to church, he noticed the makeup of his home beginning to change. His mother didn’t do the same things she did in the past, she talked differently and she began hanging up religious pictures on the walls of their home. He asked his mother, “why all the changes?” She responded, “Because Jesus has come into my heart, and has made me a new person.” The conversation ended there. But her words stuck in his head like sharp tack.


It was no later after that conversation with his mother that the pastor gave a strong message of the realities of hell. This boy who had the I-can-do-what-I-want-because-it-will-not-affect-me attitude, suddenly realize he wasn’t okay. He needed help. He needed forgiveness of sin. He needed to know for sure that he has okay, and going to heaven. On that hot summer night long after the church doors closed he laid in his bed pondering his own pride. He cries out to the Lord, “Father forgive me. I dont want to go to hell. I need Jesus. Help me to live like Him.” From this day on this boys life looked a lot brighter.


He was a new creation in Christ. He soon made new godly friends, started attending the churches youth group, and had a desire to be more like Christ. That desire turned into a reality as godly men discipled and led him through the Word of God. They challenged his mind to consider going into the ministry and they opened up for him opportunities to serve in his local church.


Who would have thought that this problematic, attention crazed kid would have graduated from Bible College, heading into the world to serve Christ?


This is the testimony of MY life and salvation.


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