you’re weird

You know Christians are weird! That almost sounds like a sermon I heard this Sunday at church!? Thanks Kenny for shooting down my already avalanched pride. It was a great message though. The central theme was taken from 1 Peter 1:2 which speaks to the awesomeness of our salvation. I am weird because Christ has changed me.

I desire to be weirdly different than the world around me. Yet I do not want to be different because of silly sacred practices (like bumper sticker evangelism), rather an insatiable desire for satisfaction in Jesus Christ. I came to have a personal relationship with Jesus at the age of twelve within a conservative Bible church and quickly learned that there are things that are uniquely funny about the Christian community. God and living for Him, it was all new to me.

Thanks to a good friend I have located two very funny links that express some of the stange practices of the Christian community (Stuff Christians Like & Whirled Views). I can relate to a lot of these. Enjoy some laughs on me. I hope I am not that weird!

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