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Why do so many young adults quit church? 
Three out four young adults walk away from the church. Their is a laundry list of reasons why they walk away from the church: they want a break (27%), church is too judgmental (26%), they move away to college (25%), busy with work (23%). And I would add to this list that churches today lack a ministry that reaches out to young adults. So no wonder they wander off to find something else that will cater to their “needs”.
On the positive side, the 30 percent who kept attending church cited solid spiritual reasons, including: “it’s vital to my relationship with God” (65%) and church “helps guide my everyday decisions” (58%)
Quiting church during your college and early career years can cause a lot of problems in ones future life. The years between 18 and 25 young adults are making some of the biggest decisions of their lives: living on your own, college, marriage, family, etc. If God is not in these decisions, it is a recipe for hardship. Not to mention, the future of the church is weakened without the involvement of today’s young adults. When you remove the Solid Rock foundation it is difficult to lean on anything else.
I want to make a plea to all young adults: don’t be a quiter. I want to take liberty in quoting a popular rapper from the 1980’s: Church, it’s  “too legit, too legit to quit”-M.C. Hammer
Stats taken from USA Today newspaper August 6, 2007 

2 thoughts on “quit church

  1. I agree that some have left for the reasons. But I also think some of them leaves because they never have established their own walk with god instead they live off of their parents relationship with god.

  2. Church has become irrelevant to young people, in large part because churches have abandoned thier God given mission. Young people are altruistic and hopeful – witness their turn out for Obama. The church needs to return to its origins, loving people and becoming a driving force in finding and implementing the solutions to the problems of hunger, illness, and hopelessness in the world – and invite the young people to join us. …they will come.

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