i ♥ church planting

Church planting is in my blood because it started with His.
Christ spilled His blood on the cross so that the church might exist. I heard it said many times, but don’t know where it came from that “The blood of the marytr’s is the seed (growth) of the church.” And it started with the greatest martyr of all, Jesus Christ.
If He gave His life so that the church should exist, shouldn’t I make it the purpose of my existence to be passionate about building His church?
God’s plan for the world today is the living organism called His Body, the church. God is the beating heart of church, which is pumping blood through the veins of His people.  May we not bypass the opportunity to be a part of His Body. We may seek to destroy the church by clogging its arteries with perversions and sin, but Christ will continue to build His church. How it is awesome to be involved in something that the God of the universe is so passionate about.

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