TOP 10 LIST: you have been coming to FUEL a long time when…

10. You hear a whiner and your first thought is, “WHAA!”
9. You have a collection of blue pens at home you forget to bring back the next week.
8. You have enough take home papers and blank notes sheets to replentish the Amazon Forest.
7. You bring your own hat on your birthday.
6. You have pit stains on your black FUEL t-shirt.
5. You know what the acrostics FUEL, SNAC, GOSPEL stand for among many others.
4. You can do all the motions to “Every Move I Make” backwards.
3. Your favorite game is HUWA, and you try to teach it to others outside of FUEL and you wonder why they look at you weird.
2. You have been practicing since February for the annual ReFUEL Retreat t Un-Talent Show.
1. You catch yourself saying, “Eh?” every now and then.

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