backwards boasting

backwards boasting

The biggest problem in my life and ministry is me. And one of my biggest problem among many is my gravitation toward self-defense or self-justification. I have an inner defense ...


3 benefits of repentance

Repentance. I’ll just come out and say it. It’s a word I don’t like to hear. It’s difficult to talk about. It’s often an awkward topic. It isn’t easy or ...

Hutts wheat field

unashamed I stand

My first “real” job was at Schmidt Sporting Goods in the Wausau Center Mall. It was the perfect job for a teenager into sports. I was fifteen, a new Christian ...

in the lime light



How would you describe your dream home? Maybe like you, I find myself dwelling on this question often, especially now that I am house hunting in Africa. I think about sitting in air conditioning, having a green garden with shade trees, actually staying in a place longer than 4-years, and a sizable list of other […]

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pointing fingers

forgiveness and ministry

A relationship that his been vital to me has been to long-time missionary Marc Blackwell. I first met Marc during my year long church planting apprenticeship in South Africa. By the time I met him he had already been serving overseas for three decades and had been used by God to plant churches from Sarasota, […]

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mess worth making

loving your brother while living in a messy world

You just don’t let anyone in your fridge. Why is that? It could be that there is a mess in there or something you wouldn’t want just anybody to see. That might embarrass some. Yet for those privileged few you give permission to find something to drink or eat from your fridge you have reached […]

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Emily’s Journey

She had a spark the first time I met her. Emily Ristau was a young seventh grade girl when we first met. Our first encounter was in the church lobby. It was memorable mostly because I opened my mouth and out flew a Freudian Slip (and no, I won’t go into those details). So, I […]

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do you not know?

Did you know that the leading manufacture of tires in the world is LEGO? Did you know that a 26-year old woman aged 50 years in just days due to a strange illness cause by an allergy to seafood? Did you know that Pumbaa from the Lion King was the first character to pass gas […]

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sea of people

the long silence

John Stott’s, The Cross of Christ is a rather filling and satisfying read, if you are looking for a book to bring you back to Jesus again. I recently turned the last page wanting more. Near the end of the book he includes a playlet by unknown author John McNeil entitled, The Long Silence. After a […]

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messy church

making much of Christ in a messy church

What do all soap operas have in common? Soaps have a never aging cast. They are predictable, yet still leave their audience surprised. They are scandalous, yet acceptable to the masses. Soaps live up to the name “daytime drama” filling plots with family messes, immorality, and power trips. After a quick reading of 1 Corinthians, […]

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wrecked: biblical truths to hold onto when life seems overwhelming Remember summer vacations? What did you do as a child? I spent most of my summers in upper Wisconsin at my grandparents cozy cottage on Alma Lake. I loved it up there. The swims in the spring-fed lake were refreshing, fishing was superb, and fresh […]

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Absolutely Surrendered

absolutely surrendered

The day that I asked Sarah to marry me was wintery. We walked around our favorite park (also the sight of the Battle of Tippecanoe). I had everything I wanted to say scripted, but the one thing I couldn’t plan was her response. As we neared the bridge overlooking Burnett Creek I stopped and tried […]

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thumb lick nu

thumb licks [12.12.13]

For Teachers: On Today’s Students. How to be a man at home. The cure for backsliding. 5 Things to do before leaving your church. 25 bizarre facts about the world. Greatness awaits. Explore Middle Earth on Google. 10 things you shouldn’t say to someone in a wheelchair. If the world were 100 people.     […]

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proclaim it

6 Essentials for Proclaiming the Gospel

I have read dozens of books on evangelism. I have sat in conferences and seminary level courses on how to share my faith. I have equipped churchgoers with tools to present the good news to neighbors, strangers, and foreigners. On paper, I have a lot of knowledge and experience sharing the gospel, but in reality […]

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no “easy” path

There is no “easy” path to fellowship with Jesus.  Today I need him.  Again.  I don’t want to lay down my desire for relaxation and pleasure in order to gain fellowship.  I’d rather have my cake and eat it too.  But, it just doesn’t work.  It takes faith to get back down on my knees […]

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Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.02.45 AM

Do I feel a lack?

This post is from my thoughtful and beautiful wife, Sarah. Do I feel a lack?  Yes, I do.  A lack that is blessed by the God of the universe.  He blesses it because He gave His Son this lack as well.  This is a lack of total goodness.  I have many good things, but all […]

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thumb lick nu

thumb licks [10.30.13]

The many Mysteries of Air Travel Tips for Teaching Students. Bargaining with God. 6 Benefits of Ordinary Daily Devotions. Man Stole Wallet, Women Buys Groceries. Where did the word “dude” come from? How to pair suffering and joy? 7 Sabbath Killers I’m a Slow Learner The Indispensable Need for Biblical Friendships.  

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Barnabas: gospel encourager

”…and they sent Barnabas to Antioch. When he came and saw the grace of God, he was glad, and he exhorted them all to remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose, for he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people were added to the […]

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